Electronic Ignition

Electronic Ignition for Gas Lanterns

So how do I like them?
I love them! The electronic ignitions are not even a thought. No maintenance, no problems, they are magical. On extreme windy days if you stare at the gas lanterns long enough you may see the flame go out and then within a few seconds they automatically re-egnite. I have used my gas lanterns every evening since the day they were installed. Since they operate off of a standard electric switch I am able to control them through my Lutron automation system. They automatically go on 10 minutes after sunset and go off at 2:00am every day.
My only regret, I didn’t listen to Sheryl and go with 8 gas lanterns for the back of my house as opposed to the electric ones. By the way the gas lanterns are huge hit in the neighborhood and to everyone that visits. You will love them. Good luck with your new home.—-Craig Gross, Long Island, NY

Electronic ignition is great for both natural gas lanterns and propane lanterns that are located indoors, in hard to reach locations or windy areas. It allows you to turn the gas lights on and off with the flip of a switch. If the flame goes out the electronic ignition will automatically relight the flame. If it is unable to relight the flame it will automatically turn itself off. Please note that electronic ignition has a one year warranty.  Like all electronic components it has a life span and will have to be replaced at some point in the future.

In order to have electronic ignition you will need both electricity and gas running to the lantern.  The switch can be a solar cell or set to a timer. Refer to the installation section for more information about installing gas lights.

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Electronic Ignition was featured at the 2017 ASID Showhouse in Houston.

Electronic Ignition

Thank you for your outwardly cooperative spirit and assistance. It is rare to find in most of my vendor dealings someone is so overtly helpful. We sincerely appreciate your effort to assist us in being educated on the best way to get success from your product.

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The photo to the left shows the different components making up electronic ignition.  If you do not have electronic ignition the gas lantern is turned on and off by adjusting the manual valve at the bottom of the burner stem.  Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the height of the fork over the burner stem.  The fork must be in the middle of the widest area of the flame.  You can adjust the height with an Allen Wrench.  If the fork is not in the widest area of the flame the electronic ignition may not be able to detect that it is lit.  If the fork is too high or too low that will cause the gas light to turn itself off.  The gas light will try to light itself sixteen times.  If it cannot light itself it will turn itself off.  Another reason the gas lantern may turn itself off is if you have trash in your gas line.  If there is not enough gas going to the tip of the burner stem the electronic ignition will turn itself off because it cannot detect the flame.  You can easily clean the burner stem with a razor or wire.

The system is comprised of four different components:  valve, transformer, control box and igniter. Follow photos below left to right: Left | Photo shows the backside of a lantern.  The wall box which mounts against the wall contains the electronic ignition components and the gas connection. Middle | Photo shows EI components under the burner stem inside the lantern and the connections inside the wall box. Right | The photo shows a stub location for the gas line as well as the electrical wires for electronic ignition prior to installing the gas lantern.

Electronic Ignition was featured on HGTV’s Vanilla Ice Project.

To install:  Reduce your gas supply line coming from the wall to 1/4″ copper coil or flex line to connect to the 1/4″  male flare adapter on the Electronic Ignition Gas Valve.  The Electronic Ignition valve has a 1/4″ inch male flare connection.  The power source operating the electronics is 24 V.A.C.

Please note:  If you live in Florida or the Caribbean your environment is extremely corrosive.  Electronic ignition comes with a one year warranty.  As with all electrical components it has a life span.  It could be five years or twenty years or more.  However, if you live someplace like Florida just be aware that you may have to replace the components every few years due to corrosion.  The copper lantern itself will never corrode but the electrical components will corrode in the salty environment over time.

Our lanterns are UL Certified.