Custom Gas Lanterns

Gas Lantern Finishes, Glass Options, Poles for Gas Lanterns
Glass Options for Gas Lanterns

Plain glass is standard.  Bubble/Seedy Glass and Restoration/Antique Glass are available for an additional charge.

Restoration looks like antique glass with waves in it.  Restoration is shown in the first photo.  It is very subtle and difficult to capture in a photograph.  The second photo shows bubble glass.  Both create a beautiful look for the lanterns.  For larger photos of the glass options click here for my Houzz portfolio Glass Options

gas lantern options glass 2gas lantern options glass

Antique Glass                                              Seedy Glass

Bulb Options for Electric Lanterns

Any lantern can be electric.  There are two bulb base options.  An Edison Bulb Base or a Candelabra Bulb Base.

1.  Example of an Edison Base in an Electric Lantern.

gas lantern options bulb

2. Three Bulb  Candelabra Bulb Base

gas lantern options bulbs 2

3.  Two Bulb Candelabra Base

gas lantern options bulbs 3

Gas Lamps on Poles

Photographs property of Sheryl Stringer, All Rights Reserved

1. Plantation Gas Lights on Poles in Galveston Historic Area

gas lantern options poles

2.  V Style Gas Light on Pole, Dark Patina Finish

gas lantern options bulbs 2

3.  Post Oak Lantern on Pole sunk into ground

gas lantern options poles 3

5.  Tuscan Gas Lantern on Pole Mounted on concrete

gas lantern options poles 4

Column Mount Gas Lanterns

1.  V Style Gas Lights on home in Michigan



2. Copper Collar Slides Onto Steel Column Mount Bracket



3.  Steel Column Mount Bracket, Black



4.  Steel Collar and Bracket



5.  Style 3 Lantern with Steel Collar and Steel Flat Plate Column Mount Bracket



6. Lantern Shown with Column Mount Bracket with pole.  Notice Steel Box at Bottom.  It contains electronic ignition components.



7.  Sheryl’s Nordby Lantern shown on Copper Mounting Box



8.  New Orleans Lantern before being packed for shipping is shown with a copper mounting box.  The lantern and the box are one piece of copper.



9.  Style 3 Lantern with Copper Mounting Box.  Client chose to have black finish on lantern and natural finish on copper mounting box.  The lantern and the copper mounting box are one solid piece.

Yokes for Gas Lanterns Hanging from Ceilings


Lanterns hang indoors in a restaurant by yokes


A New Orleans Style Gas Lantern with Glass Top hangs from a steel yoke

Hanging_01A Large V Style Lantern Hangs Above a Front Door by a Wall Mount Yoke


hangingFrenchExtraLarge Large French Lantern Hangs by a Yoke with an Extension

CustomGasLanternLarge Square Custom Lantern Hangs by Square Yoke

Windguards for Gas Lanterns

Patented Windguards are an easy solution for lanterns that are located in windy areas.  Our patented windguard prevents lanterns from blowing out. Pictured below are Sheryl’s gas lanterns in Historic Galveston with Patented Winguards.


Copper Gas Lanterns

Why is copper the best option for gas lanterns? Copper is a flexible metal making it easy to create beautiful designs. Copper can easily expand and contract with high temperatures.  Copper is maintenance free. It can endure all weather conditions and lasts forever.  Consider the Statue of Liberty. The natural oxidation process creates a patina which provides a natural barrier to the elements and creates a protective coating. While other metals will deteriorate, copper will stabilize as it ages.  If you are in a salty environment like the Statue of Liberty, your lanterns may develop a green patina.  Most of the time the protective coating that copper naturally develops will be a dark brown.  Metal will rust without a protective coating, aluminum will deteriorate through electrolytic corrosion, brass will pit unless maintained through periodic polishing and stainless steel will stain. Plastic components will degrade due to exposure to UV light. All you need to do with your Copper Lanterns is just dust them from time to time and clean the glass.

We offer a natural patina finish for customers who desire a darker lantern by dipping them in a special wash.  However, since the patina is natural and constantly changes with exposure to the weather, we cannot guarantee our finishes.  They are natural and depend on humidity and other factors as to how they will look.  Florida is an especially corrosive environment.  We recommend everything installed in Florida to be made of copper and without a patina finish.  Letting the copper age naturally is the best route in Florida.

Automatic Shut Off Valve for Gas Lanterns

The components are shown above that make up an Automatic Shut Off Valve.  If the flame goes out the shut off valve will automatically turn off the gas going to the burner stem.

gas lantern shutoff valve

Three Finish Options :

  1. Black Gas Lanterns
  2. Dark Patina Gas Lanterns (not recommended for Florida)
  3. Copper Gas Lanterns

Considered a “living” surface, copper tarnishes as it oxidizes and reacts to the substances that cross it. For many, that’s part of its appeal and a lot of homeowners appreciate the character it adds. Copper can form verdigris depending on the environment. For clients who do not want a natural finish we offer a smooth black finish that will not patina.

Gas Lantern options patina

A black gas lantern next to a gas lantern with a dark patina finish


1.  Natural Copper Finish:  Copper is a beautiful metal and will age gracefully over time.  Depending on your environment it will turn either brown or may have some verdigris.

gas lantern options copper

Natural Copper Finish


2.  Natural Dark Patina Finish:  Patina is not a color.  Black is an actual color.  Patina is dark but it is not black.   It has variations in the color whereas black is a smooth solid color.  The best description of a dark patina finish is vintage or accelerated aging.  The patina is a weathered look.  The lanterns are dipped in a chemical that causes the lanterns to react and form a natural coating. The finish is also called a living finish since it is constantly changing and ageing.   Finishes are a natural process so a lot of factors determine the exact shade. The color is similar to a zinc color.  It is a brown, gray, black color that is best described as dark.  Weather conditions, temperatures, humidity etc will affect the color of the finish. Be sure to wear gloves when handling lanterns that have a finish on them to prevent causing fingerprints. We cannot warranty the finish since it is natural.

gas lantern options dark patina

Sometimes Patina Can Have a Brown Hue.  Patina can vary between grayish, brownish, blackish in color.


3. Smooth Black Finish:   This finish will be smooth without any variations.  It is a color….black.

gas lantern options smooth black

Smooth Black Finish

Please note that Florida and the Carribean are especially corrosive environments.  We recommend all lanterns in these environments be completely copper and that they have a natural finish.  It is best in a highly corrosive environment like Florida to let the copper age naturally and form a natural patina.  We can paint the lanterns with heat resistant paint but they will have to be painted again in time.

The lanterns below show a dark finish and a natural finish.  We cannot guarantee the exact shade of the finish since it is natural.  Usually the top of the lantern becomes darker than the bottom because of the heat rising to the top.  The lanterns are gorgeous no matter what shade or finish!  Copper is a beautiful metal.

All metals, not just copper, react to the environment.  It is unrealistic to think that your lantern will always look like it did the day you opened the box.  It is exposed to the elements, dirt, wind, rain, pollen etc.  The glass will get dirty and bugs may build nests.  Periodic cleaning is recommended.  Stephen Delgado of Texas Gas Works offers periodic cleaning services for Houston area clients. For cleaning contracts call Stephen at 866-785-1345.