Gas Sconces

Contemporary Gas Sconces

Sheryl’s Contemporary Gas Sconces can be seen on homes, offices, historic buildings and hotels.  These Contemporary Gas Sconces adorn the new Pendry Hotel in San Diego, CA.  The contemporary gas sconces are available in natural gas, propane or electric.  Flickering flame bulbs are available on Amazon.

Custom Gas Sconces can be made in various sizes.

My specialty is one on one consulting with homeowners to come up with the exact lantern that is just right for each home. If you don’t see something that would work for your installation let me design something just for you. Please contact me and let’s get started on creating a beautiful lantern that will create the ambiance that you desire for your new home. To Order: 713-626-4001 or email

Electronic ignition for gas sconces is available as an option.  It allows you to turn the gas lanterns on and off with the flip of a switch.  If it blows out it will automatically re-light itself.

The copper lanterns have a lifetime warranty on the copper body.  Please note that we do not warranty the finish.  The lanterns are copper and will age and add character over time.  Any metal that is exposed to the environment will react….not just copper.  The patina finish is a natural or living finish.  Copper forms a protective patina.  It does not corrode.  Lanterns can be painted with heat resistant paint if you have to have a consistent look.  However, copper is a naturally beautiful metal and looks antique on it’s own.  Enjoy the natural beauty of the lantern!

Steel brackets are zinc primed and powder coated.  Steel brackets have a one year warranty.

Sheryl Stringer is an ASID Industry Partner.

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