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Sheryl's Tuscan Gas Lanterns

“We absolutely love our gas lanterns!”–  Craig Gross, New York

Sheryl’s Tuscan Gas Lanterns

The Tuscan Gas Lanterns are available in several sizes and options.  This gas lights not only accentuates Tuscan style homes but traditional and transitional as well.  Many homes, ranches and hotels have appreciated the beauty this lantern adds as an architectural accent.  The Tuscan Gas Lantern can be found in Canada, California, Florida, Colorado, Texas and all across the USA.  Contact me and let’s get started on creating a beautiful lantern. Allow approximately 6-8 weeks for delivery.

To Order Gas Lanterns: 713-626-4001 or email sherylstringer@me.com

The copper lanterns have a lifetime warranty on the copper body.  Please note that we do not warranty the finish.  The lanterns are copper and will age and add character over time.  Any metal that is exposed to the environment will react….not just copper.  The patina finish is a natural or living finish.  Copper forms a protective patina.  It does not corrode.  Lanterns can be painted with heat resistant paint if you have to have a consistent look.  However, copper is a naturally beautiful metal and looks antique on it’s own.  I do not recommend the patina finish in Florida.   Copper is a great metal for gas lights since it can withstand the heat.  Enjoy the natural beauty of the lantern!  To learn more about copper visit the Arizona Copper Museum.https://www.copperartmuseum.com/

Steel brackets are zinc primed and powder coated.  Steel brackets have a one year warranty.  The powder coat forms a protective coating for the steel but steel can eventually rust.  Stainless steel is available as an upgrade for coastal environments such as Florida.

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