The use of gas lighting in residential settings has been on the rise in recent years as a way to add style and ambience to any outdoor space.

There are two primary types of gas lighting — mantle and open flame. Gas mantle lamps utilize incandescent gas mantles as their source of illumination and provide consistent light.

Open flame gas lamps emit a soft, flickering glow, similar to that of a candle and are ideal for creating the ambience of old-fashioned gas light in areas where significant light output isn’t necessary.

It is believed by many that gas lamps provide a unique warmth and ambience to any setting that no other lighting can provide. In residential, as well as commercial outdoor living settings, gas lamps and torches are increasingly used to add drama and character to specific designs.

Mantle burning gas lights are the most popular because of their high light output, but recently there’s been a growing demand for homeowners looking for a visually dramatic effect that can only be achieved through open flame gas lights.

The flicker of an open flame is a unique feature that you can only get with a gas lamp.

The advancement in control technologies such as automatic igniters, timers and variable flame controls is making gas lighting more convenient, energy-efficient and accessible.

Furthermore, gas light can complement a variety of style aesthetics, making it versatile and suitable for any style of home.

Gas lamps and gas lighting can contribute to exceptional design in any style a customer wishes to achieve. The applications for gas lighting are truly limited only by the imagination.

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